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Petiteloulous Everyday Adventures

Heather Smith is a pianist and writer from Indiana who is obsessed with Jim Henson films and macarons. She travels as much as possible and documents her adventures on her blog, Petiteloulous Everyday Adventures. As an introvert and a highly sensitive person (HSP), travelling is not always easy for her. She recently had an article featuring HSP travel tips published on We have conducted an interview with her.

How and when did you figure out that you are a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)?
In my early twenties, I became fascinated with personality studies such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. While researching topics about introversion four years ago, I ran across an article about Highly Sensitive People (HSP). I discovered I had a majority of HSP characteristics including aboveaverage empathy, hyper-sensitivity to smells and sounds, caffeine sensitivity, and many more.

As a fan of Jim Henson, which do you think is his most inspiring piece of work?
First, I must say that I admire Jim Henson for his groundbreaking work in creating worlds inhabited by his outlandish yet usually lovable creatures. His films and television series satisfied my fantasyhungry mind as a child.
I grew up loving Labyrinth, and it still remains my favorite film that Henson directed. David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly both delivered excellent performances in Labyrinth.

Which is your most adventurous trip you've ever been on and who would you recommend or not recommend that destination for?
The most adventurous trip I’ve ever been on has to be a road trip from Indiana to Seattle, Washington. Some of the back roads we took in South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana were a bit precarious, but the scenery was unbeatable.
I encourage everyone to take a long-distance road trip at least once in their lives. Flying is convenient and fast, but there is so much to see between your starting point and the destination. Some of my best travel memories are detours I’ve taken to small towns I never knew existed beforehand.

Do you ever get writer's block when you write in your blog? If yes, how did you overcome it? If not, what is your approach for your blog writing?
Yes, I occasionally get writer’s block. Since I have a day job at a university, I don’t get to travel as often as someone who makes a living as a digital nomad, for example.
When blog post ideas aren’t coming, sometimes I go through my Facebook albums or Instagram page, and travel memories start flowing back into my mind. I also try to remember that finding a unique angle is also important. Rather than writing a huge post about an entire trip, I write several posts about specific details and travel tips.

What is it about macarons that you are obsessed about?
Well, macarons remind me of my first trip to Europe during which I visited Laduree in Paris. I could not believe how many flavors were available, and each macaron I tried was an adventure for my taste buds. Macarons come in bright colors, taste delicious, and remind me that life is to be savored.

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