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Porky's Packers

Porky's Packers is a company that provides low cost backpacking vacations around Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. They are based in Bangkok but they are also trying to market the UK market. We have conducted an interview with them.

Which are the top 3 most asked for destinations by cutting edge backpackers?
Ok the top most asked about destinations are Chiang Mai in Thailand, Vietnam and Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan.

What are their basic expectations on accommodation for low cost backpacking vacations?
Accomodations expectations are comfortable beds, good social area and lots of fun.

How many days of travel is at least required to go around the region? What is the best recommended kind of vacation for an outgoing couple who are planning a low cost vacation?
A good time to travel is 60 days, picking the best parts of all 4 countries Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia and Thailand. The best vacation is a tailor made Tour, that is when we talk to them and consult about their budgets and formulate a suitable program to suit their needs.

How do you fulfil their wishes and what kind of services does 'Porky's Packers' provide?
Porky's Packers have been on the ground in South East Asia for 13 years and our network is fantastic. We provide everything from Backpacker Accomodation, Flashpacker or even the high class traveller. We provide all transport and excursions some being personal and invented by us.

What is so uniquely different about your services compared to your competitors?
The difference between us and all the other companies is that we are very affordable. Individual travel, No Guide to feed you with loads of useless info. We take care in our Guests. We can provide things that somebody who has been here 6 times still dont know about. We are very low cost...

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