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Sabbia & Sand

Sabbia & Sand is a story: in a small, wonderful seaside village where the beauty of past things is not dampened by modernity, Emma – a mature filmmaker – arrives. Eva Dewalker, a family friend who has recently passed away, left all her belongings to her, on one condition: Emma should execute part of her will. Playing a sort of treasure hunt, and following the instructions contained in Eva’s writings, Emma will discover the secret that makes the beach magic, on the trail of the Captain, a legendary seaman who “could paint the colour of instants” and who, besides his paintings, has left something eternal to the world. Someone “watches” all this from far away, in search of what, eventually, governs the entire universe. We have conducted an interview with the writer of the book.

What inspires you to write this book about 'someone who watches' from afar?
The novel is centered on the force of love, that is able to go across the time and the space. I think that love rules the universe, so i decided to create the character of an alien researcher, who wants to demonstrate this theory.

Why did you write this book "Sabbia & Sand" in Italian and English? Do you plan to translate it into other languages?
Because this story can be appealing to everybody, all over the world. It's a love story. Between the mysterious Eva and the Captain, a legendary seaman. The story of a love feeling so strong that it can last forever, even after death. Besides it's the story of a magic sea village. Everybody has a special seaside, a special beach, a special sand in his or her heart.

I hope so! It would mean the the rights of translation have been bought by foreign publishers!

Is the character Emma, the filmmaker in your story, someone you relate to in reality?
Yes, she's one friends of mine's daughter. At present she's 12, but the novel talks about the year 2066...

How did you create this feeling of 'wonder' and 'magic' in your story?
By describing nature and emotions. They are magic.

Will there be a book 2 of this story? Why/why not
Yes: many years of Eva's life haven't still been told. The author of the novel is Eva Dewalker, who is also a character of the story...

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