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Our guest tonight is Danny Garcia from Portland OR. He provides Search Engine Optimization Services. We have conducted an interview with him.

What is SEO?
SEO stands for search engine optimization; it basically means optimizing your website in an effort to get your page/article to show on the first page of Google or other search engines when someone (possibly a prospect) search for the keyword that you optimized for. For example, if someone searches google for a "landscaper in Portland, OR" the searcher is probably looking for a landscaper in Portland, OR. The results that show up for this search did so because of SEO

How Does SEO Work?
SEO works be providing the searching public with the answer to their search query but doing so in a way that Google's crawlers (software programs that crawls, indexes, and interprets the information on websites) can report back to the google database that your site is the best option to present on the search engine results page (SERP). Google then analyzes the traffic they are actually sending to your site to confirm that the crawlers did what they were supposed to do.

Common Myths About SEO?
Some common myths are as follows…….

- SEO is Expensive - Although the price of SEO can many times be very high the return of investment from a good SEO agency is usually over 1000%. If I told you that you could pay $5,000 and get $50,000 in return you would do that all day long. SEO is one of the more predictable ways to generate a profit. Newspaper ads, Billboards, even TV Commercials can't compare with the ROI that SEO can get.

- There is Not a Huge Benefit to SEO - That statement can’t be further from the truth. Most businesses we talk to say that getting referrals is the lifeblood of their business. Answer this…..What is the average number of referrals you get from an existing customer? 1, 2, 5? Imagine if you will what your business would look like if you continue to provide your excellent service to just 20, 50, 100 extra clients each and every month. You would not only be benefiting from those direct sales but you would be multiplying your referral base to an almost unimaginable number. When you get a new customer from your internet marketing efforts you are also getting access to the people they can refer you to. Not only is SEO a benefit but SEO can drastically change the overall success and innate value of your business.

- Just Create Content and You Will Rank Naturally - There is a lot of benefit to creating high quality content, however high quality content by itself will not get you ranked for anything meaningful (ie. keywords generating buyer traffic) In order to rank you need to have the good quality content setup and presented in such a way that Google's bots completely understand it. You also have to make sure your site is structured in such a way that Google actually sees the content, you then need to figure out a way to get other reputable trusted websites to talk about your content.

- Sending a Bunch of Links is The Secret to SEO - This used to be the allowed, however Google has made several changes in their system to prevent this as people were taking advantage of it and figuring out ways to trick google into ranking their irrelevant websites. Today if this happens Google will penalize a site thus preventing you from getting anywhere near the first couple of pages of the SERPs, many times removing you from the SERP's altogether (deindexing) In today's environment you must have "natural" link building and the links must come from reputable and trusted sources.

- Results Happen Pretty Quickly - Real SEO can easily take 6-9 months or longer even for the easier keywords. You may see some results for low competition keywords quickly but this is what we call the "Google Audition" once you are here they do a deeper analysis of your content and backlinks to see if you deserve to stay near the top. If the links and content pass muster you can stay. if not then you'll drop and the rest of your site will feel the penalty as well. Companies offering a quick solution will usually send hundreds of bad links to your site in the hopes of getting their fee for a few months only to get your site penalized with no hope of getting on the first page.

How much at minimum would a small business owner need to pay to achieve his initial goals using SEO?
The cost of SEO is directly related to the difficulty of the keywords, typically the more valuable a keyword is the more competition it has. This unfortunately means that there is no general answer. However, for the very easiest keywords you will probably never pay less than $750 per month for a SEO project. If someone is offering you SEO services for less than that then they are probably using low cost, automated tactics which are easily detected by google and will most likely get your website penalized or deindexed

What are the basic packages or bundles do you offer for new small businesses using your SEO services?
Our company doesn't believe in packages or bundles as it doesn't make sense for part of the work. ie. if a Platinum bundle gets you to the first page by default the gold bundle doesn't. If you can't get to the first page why bother? Our service has two options…

Option One - Light at The End Of the Tunnel Pricing - This is our standard pricing to get a site to the first page of Google. With this pricing you are paying a monthly fee each month for an extended period of time, usually 7-12 months at which time you have the option to continue on maintenance mode which is at 75% off the normal monthly price and under certain conditions can be waived. This means you don't have to pay for SEO forever like most firms.

Option Two - WayMaker Pricing - One of the biggest issues a business has when trying to hire a professional SEO company is the fact that they are paying thousands of dollars for an extended period of time before they start seeing a return on investment. No matter how good an SEO is there is just no way many businesses can afford to do this. We developed a way for businesses to defer most of the cost until after they are getting leads. This allows businesses to take advantage of our valuable SEO service while being able to fit the cost into their budgets.

How do people get more information?
To get more information people can visit our website at, to get a free site analysis I ask that they fill out our discovery form once they get to the site

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