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Snaplee is a Pocket Guide for travelers to explore new places with ease. Users can discover a place by reviewing the photos and comments about the unknown location. Unlike travel, hotel booking or photo websites & apps, Snaplee shows the photos captured by other travelers at the location and their comments. Through this unique approach, the app provides the most authentic visuals and text to make most informed travel decision.

What is Snaplee?
Snaplee is a mobile app that works like Pocket Guide to discover new places and to keep all your photos at one place. It geo tags the photos to locations where they are captured and shows them on a map. For a traveler to a new place, location discovery becomes easier by reviewing these photos. It is currently available on app store.

Which are the most popular categories and ways people explore on your new Pocket Guide app, "Snaplee"?
The most popular categories are 'Holiday&Fun', 'Food&Drinks', 'nature&Scenic'.

What kind of decision/s can users make while using your app before/during their travel?
Users can explore locations before the visit and also look for places of interest once they reach a new place.

How useful it is for visual users?
Photos convey complete story about a place. Reviewing visuals makes exploration & decision easier and faster.

What kind of search functions for discovery of a new location is provided within this app?
Users can search for a location to review all photos posted at that place and filter them by category.

How reliable are the comments?
User comments are based on experiences and they are quite reliable.

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