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The Necessary Secretary

Melleigha Nichols is a virtual assistant with 5 years experience and great reviews from St. Joseph, MO. We have conducted an interview with her.

What are the changing perception of engaging a virtual assistant for a small medium sized business/enterprise or startup company?
I believe more and more companies are starting to hire virtual assistants instead of in house assistants. I think this is because when you hire a virtual assistant, whether thru their own website or thru a company like Fiverr or Upwork, you can clearly see what their clients have said about them. You can see this in the reviews of a gig/job, or on a testimonial page on their own website.

What are your views about performing your job remotely and using the Internet?
I enjoy performing my job remotely. This allows me to help more people and businesses. It also allows me to be able to do my work at my own pace to make sure I do the best job possible.

What kind of perks and special discounts do you offer to repeat clients/customers of your virtual assistance and services?
My clients have to contact me thru my website for a quote on any given job. When they contact me, they are automatically signed up for my mailing list (usually only one email a week). They are then guaranteed at least one discount code a month that they can mention for a percentage off.

Which social media channels do you provide as a virtual assistant service and which ones you do not do? Can you show us some examples of those you have managed before and done?
At the moment I do not have any example, however I do offer Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can check out my pages for examples 

Do you record a video for your clients? What is encompass in this service?
I do not currently offer to record videos for my clients, although I might in the future. At this time, I do offer videos of photos and/or sayings edited together, along with stock music.

What is your motto or philosophy in conducting your business?
My motto is that we do what needs to be done to make our clients happy. Doing a good job helps get repeat customers and reduces stress on our clients.

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