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Ultimate Discount Services INC

Casuel Pitts is an entrepreneur that is set to change the world. He currently lives in Orlando FL and runs & operates 2 major companies. They are World-Wide Marketing-Finance Consulting LLC, & Ultimate Discount Services INC,. We have conducted an interview with him.

What is your notion about changing the world? Why is it important for you?
My notion for changing the world is through my company Ultimate Discount Services INC,. My brand is built around helping communities and that's how we are going to change the world.
It's important to me because my company will open up the eyes of people and allow them to understand that this color race war that we are fighting no one will ever win! But if we come together then at that moment is when we will start winning.

What is the program that will help to change the economy?
I have many programs that will help change the economy through Ultimate Discount Services INC, but the ones that stick out the most is our 2nd Chance Program for youth & adult inmates. Our feeding the homeless program where we rehab them from the streets. Also our curriculum for high school and college students to be educated on credit & investments.

Why did you set up the 'Ultimate Discount Services'? Who is this service for?
God was the one who set up Ultimate Discount Services INC,. I'm just the man he ordained to be in charge. Our service is for any individual that's alive.

Which is the most in demand range of consulting services you provide?
Our credit repair program is probably one of the most important services that we offer. The lovely part is all 11 services come with each membership.

How big do you want to grow your enterprise? What is your ultimate goal and by when do you want to achieve this?
Until we have reached every soul that lives on planet earth! My ultimate goal is for Ultimate Discount Services INC to be global in 2018 and have 3,000,000 customers that we are helping with our services.

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