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You Won't Be Missed

Blake Matthews is a singer song writer in Los Angeles. Currently he is working on his Debut E.P. "Fearless" It's music meant for the heart and soul. Something to make people happy to know that they're not the only ones who have gone through a bad break up or love someone unconditionally. We have conducted an interview with Blake.

Blake Matthews
How long have you been in songwriting and singing in the Pop, Soul and R&B genre?
Let's see I've been writing music for about 6 years now. It's Always been a way for me to escape into a dream world where I didn't have to be scared of anything which is where I came up with the name "Fearless".

Was it based on your personal experiences for writing music to comfort people who had gone through a bad break up?
I write music that people will be able to relate to. Whether that's a bad break up, a sweet make up, and everything in between. I feel like artist get so lost in "fame and fortune" that they forget who they started writing and signing for. Their Fans.

Where did you get your inspirations for your debut EP 'Fearless'?
My inspiration has been gather from a bad break up with a really good friend of mine to the love I found once I began to realize my self worth is lot high than I thought. Fearless is suppose to be music that speaks to your heart, soul and mind. Not just your physical body.

What is your belief about the power of the lyrics in this song "You Won't Be Missed"? When did you write it?
The power of the lyrics behind "You Won't Be Missed" is suppose to give someone courage to let go of a bad situation. At the end of it all you can honor that person, and forgive them for what they've done, but you don't need them, nor do you need to miss them. I wrote "You Won't Be Missed" in 2015 after my best friend t the time didn't want to be friends anymore and moved away.

Who are you reaching out to with your music? What is/are your key message(s)?
I'm reaching out to people who have had their hearts broken and need the courage and Freedom to stand up. I want them to know I hear them on their issues and I know exactly how they feel. The Key message with this E.P. will be Fall in Love, Get Your Heart Broken, and Get Back Up stronger than you were when you were knocked down.

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