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A Love Story.. How God Pursued Me and Found Me

A Love Story..How God Pursued Me & Found Me, an Impossibly True Story by Samantha Ryan Chandler got 70 reviews on Amazon. We have conducted an interview with her.

Was it difficult to write down and re-read the disturbing and unsettling part of your book: "A Love Story, How God Pursued Me and Found Me"?
Yes, it was extremely difficult to re-read. It is as if I am still living the pain of losing 2 of my girls, not seeing them for years at a time. They were poisoned by their dad into believing dreadful things about their mommy. My book is a way of having the truth be known. DV aka Darth Vader in my book, is a very wealthy and powerful man that can buy his "truth". Who would doubt him?

How did the themes of "unfairness and anguish" added on top of abuse in your own story?
Interesting, I haven't lived in the arena of unfairness. I just new it was simple evil. Yes, anguish, my life is forever changed. The years I missed being a presence in my children"s lives has been taken, born out of greed. I must say in the same changes to me that Pollyanna is dead and a phoenix has risen. I don't take goodness and being grateful for granted. My children, after 12 years since this took place are back in my life.

Which were your first emotions when the book was published? Do you feel relieve?
Oh yes! All I could say was, " I am free!" There is something about quashing lies that is cathartic. My side is heard. I never had my day in court, but now I have a platform.

Do you plan to write a continuation Book 2 about your new life?
No, I don't want to write again about my life. This book is the 2nd. edition of same book that was published 5 years ago. The 2nd. edition is a few months old.

The publisher that purchased my book wanted me to change my name and some of story line as they were intimidated by DV's possibilities. I refused and left the larger publisher. It is only slander if the story is not true. DV can do nothing.

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