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Alejandro lives and draws Buenos Aires, his mediums of choice ranging from papers to walls. He is a graphic designer, urban artist, illustrator and a little more. Every stroke of his work intermingles with a universe that lives beyond his imagination, placing him and the viewer in a world as exotic as it is average, and as familiar as it is unknown. We have conducted an interview with him.


Which medium do you normally work on?
I like to experience all possible mediums to send my message. The old walls are my favorite canvas, but I like to illustrate on paper. I work on wood somethimes, virtual works, on boards, on the clothes. Basically everywhere.

If it is beyond your imagination, how do you captures it to your works of art?
The process of imagining is very confusing, it is difficult to explain in words. Sometimes I do not know how my head works.

What kind of situations or things inspires you?
To me are the huge things that inspire me, like nature (of course) and everything that nature means. Also the simple things of life. Rain, good books with his secret stories, sensitive photography, latin culture (my roots), music, drugs, the genuine art it´s cause for inspiration.

What is your secret to floods forgotten places with life? How do you create new existences with the endless?
The long walks. That´s how I know hidden places in the city. Each space has its own magic. When I see some destroyed, forgotten and indifferent wall , I tell to myself: ¨that wall could be a world of possibilities if I paint a piece of art. Maybe you can change the bad mood of someone or make a child smile.

When you are not designing or illustrating, what do you do? What are your hobbies?
I am a person who enjoys reading, seeing new places. The music fascinates me totally. My cat, my girlfriend and my family are things that I really enjoy when I'm not working.

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