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An Imaginary Reality

Mrs. M. Post is a single mom from Aldergrove, BC Canada. She left a career as a Senior Bookkeeper to explore her passion for writing. We have conducted an interview with her.

How did you start on content writing?
After I had established my blog I was asked by a good friend of mine to provide content for his Financial Website and Bookkeeping Business. This was extremely exciting and I additionally applied and was accepted on Freelancer to go up and bid on random content work. I wanted to find a way to make money through my blog so that I could focus entirely on writing in all its forms and not have to try and juggle full time work on top of my craft. I had recently left a lucrative position as a Senior Bookkeeper and would prefer to be 100% indulging in my craft.

What kind of interviews do you conduct and where do you blog?
I began with writing as a form of free therapy to ascertain why I made the decisions I have based on the events that led me to where I am. This ended up being very well received by a loved one who encouraged me to publish. Not willing to do this I began a blog on and called it: An Imaginary Reality: The Therapeutic Ramblings of a Psychopathic Sociopath. Here I began to share my works through blogging and ended up being approached to write a series on which I ended up titling Enter My Darkness. Recently I interviewed a very lovely indie author regarding his work and will be interviewing a selection of other people in the coming weeks. My interviews are based on people or items of interest that I think the public would enjoy learning about and may benefit from.

When did you realize your passion for writing?
I’ve always had a passion for story telling and writing or journaling; utilizing it as a way to escape from reality. Over the years my story telling was honed by entertaining children at bedtime and from there into adult erotica. My passion for writing is equaled to my passion for reading. Anytime that you have a piece of work or art that can captivate an audience and allow an adult to drift into a world of fantasy and intrigue I believe you are accomplishing so much more then idle entertainment. You are alleviating stresses and possibly sadness and providing a companionship not otherwise had.

What do you plan to do in the next 3 years with regards to writing?
I hope in the next 3 years you will see me as a published author of my first book. I would also like to explore building on my blog to eventually provide the income that will allow me to focus on writing. I guess in future my ultimate goal would be writing books and interesting public pieces without worry of needing an alternative career.

Which genres do you like to write about? Why
I draw from personal experiences and emotions and in doing so needed to find a way to put that all down without exposing people or events that others may not want exposed. So I tend to delve into fantasy and fiction as my two genres. These are my favorite books to read so it is where I would be naturally more comfortable. Escapism from reality has always been something that interested me and in writing you are able to do this safely with little to no consequences.

How do you homeschool your children on languages and writing? What kind of resources do you use?
With the kids I have been home schooling now for 3 years and it allows me to integrate a lot more of their schooling into creative writing and journaling as opposed to other forms used in standardized schooling. For resources I utilize a mentor through the online schooling program who provides invaluable links and works. I also use school supply stores and of course google!

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