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Ava and Frank

Ava and Frank is an online entrepreneur mom who write books and just launched a Vegan Made in the USA safe Face and Body Paints for kids. We have conducted an interview with her.

What tests did your product pass?
Ava and Frank produces its product in the USA using FDA compliant materials, packaging and processes, Our face painting products are regulated and tested as a cosmetic good and are just as safe as cosmetics you would find at an upscale cosmetic counter. Because we have a vegan formulation, are lanolin, nut, gluten, latex and paraben free. We should literally be considered the safest face paints brand in US. The FDA compliance coupled with the "child toy safety rating" puts us safer than traditional makeup. The reason is, in order to get the toy safety rating, the product must be safe even if the child abuses the product and gets it in their mouth, eyes, ears or nose. The paints in the Ava and Frank Face and Body Paint Palette Kit pass that test as 100% safe for children of all ages. This means is parents, grandparents , teachers or professional face painters can relax knowing that they are having fun with the safest, highest quality paint palette kit they can buy instead of dealing with stained faces or allergic reactions. If you are giving it as a gift you can be reassured that they will enjoy it, love and create amazing memories with all the faces they create.

What should parents take note of before buying, especially those without prior experience using face paint kits?
We all want value particularly as parents of face paint professionals - however going ‘cheap’ is not the answer regarding face paints. Many of the cheaper kits may come with dried out paint and not enough accessories. We provide a FULL SAFE Face and Body Paint Palette Kit with a large sponge for base colors, a small sponge for eye ares and smudging, there are also three size brushes, one that is flat for wider designs, one that is medium size for shaping and a thin one for detailed painting. So you have EVERYTHING YOU NEED to START PAINTING STRESS-FREE. for a fun paint party that guarantees your participants to smile and be engaged. As a parent I am happy to pay a more for quality and professional paints than to have the risky cheaper ones. Plus I like to have all I need to get the children started as they are always impatient to get using the paints as soon as possible without having to step out to buy any other accessories! So this kids art kit ticks all the boxes - safe, fun, loaded with accessories, colors, instructions and most importantly - a smile guarantee! If no smiles are acquired when using the face paint palette, Ava and Frank have a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. So you can’t go wrong. Whether you are new to face painting or experienced, this face paint palette set is very easy to use and with the E-book instructions you can get to a professional face painter status faster!

A couple of other tips - more common sense really, ensure your work space is clean, use fresh water for each child/client and do not paint anyone with any open wounds or running nose etc. Keep infections at bay. Stick to one set of paints - if you mix these with other non-approved ingredients - this could cause issues.

We do not use any materials in our products that could cause harm. We also avoid ingredients that are commonly known to be in our competitor's products that greatly increase a chance of an allergic reaction or harm. Most notably ingredients like lanolin, parabens, fragrance, latex and non-compliant pigments that DO STAIN. The user should carefully read the ingredient lists of other brands. Also if online, read all the product reviews. I’m always very surprised at how many reviews tell of allergic reactions and skin staining and people continue to buy them! It’s beyond me as a parent, why would you take that risk for a few dollars. Be VERY CAUTIOUS when you do not see a full list of ingredients, a batch code, or you cannot see the wording similar to "cosmetic or for use on skin or FDA compliant”. Our products can by used by toddlers or children under three but ONLY with adult supervision, as there are accessories in the face painting kit. Our clients mention they have painted on infants and toddlers responsibly and safely and everyone had fun!

What are the dangers of cheap face and body paints for kids and adults?
Many people these days just judge a product on PRICE. In face paints, this is not the wisest decision. In the past years there have been federal recalls on face paints for high allergic rates - guilty parties were all made in China. We would suggest avoiding brands that are cheap, with lower quality and inspection standards. If you buy six colors of paint for $1.99 there is a reason! Like with most purchases, you get what you pay for. Buying from China alone should raise a red flag. Also avoid ingredients that greatly increase a chance of an allergic reaction. Most notably ingredients like lanolin, parabens, fragrance, latex and non-compliant pigments. Parabens are linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive toxicity, immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity and skin irritation - SO AVOID AT ALL COSTS! DON’T RISK IT with your loved ones. Read the LABEL! Our paints have NONE of these ingredients so you can paint happily knowing your children or clients will be totally FINE.

How easily can your face and body paint product be washed off?
Our paints are water based and concentrated so you only need a little to go a long way. It goes on smoothly, dries quickly and comes of very easily with water and a little soap. Many of our clients are happy that in most cases they don't even use soap - it just comes off in the shower of with a wet wipe. Face painting couldn't get any easier and parents and pro face painters will be pleased to know the paints are indeed washable so come off surfaces and clothing with no problems. So clean up time is a breeze!

Which are the ways to tell which is a good quality face and body paint?
Water based is always a good way to go. The consistency should be smooth and a little should go a long way! Ours are concentrated so you just need a little water and away you go. Some of the more oily paints can hide all sorts of ingredients and can stain, be smelly and cause reactions. If it smells, don’t use it! It has probably ‘gone off’ whilst in a container from China. Ours are perfume and odor free!

As mentioned before do look at the label, check if it has a toy safety rating in its information or at least FDA compliant. In this market we also find that price is an indicator of quality. Our paints are formulated and manufactured in the USA so the standards are exceptionally high - we will not risk our children’s nor our client’s health by anything less. So our prices are reassuringly competitive, fair and for a premium professional art product that can be used by all - it represents great value as you can do up to 160 full faces with our face painting kit.

What is the title of your upcoming children's book?
Ava and Frank and the Magic Fairy. It is about how two little people meet a friendly fairy who shows them how to use the power of inner magic and stay happy and they just love face painting. ; )
It was a pleasure being interviewed by you. Ava and Frank pass on their greetings to all your readers.

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