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Bass & Crates

Our guest today is Josh Trino from Tampa, Fl. He's just launched a subscription box company for edm/rave/music festivals that once a month sends the customer anything from clothing and accessories to the light up and glow gear all the way down to the camping and cool gadgets for music festivals. We have conducted an interview with him.

What are you doing for this initiative, with a subscription box?
We will find ourselves attending festivals around the country and shows etc. promoting Bass&Crates and making it a household name for edm/festivals.

Who are you reaching out to?
Our subscription box caters to the edm/rave and festivals scene.

Which are the crate options?
We have 3 crate options sure to fit the ravers price budget. Starting at $27.99 we have our Casual Crate that offers alot of what the style has to offer. With this crate you will mostly see clothing, apparel, accessories and glow gear.

Our next crate is the Vibe Crate at $35.99. This is the sweet spot for everything casual and essential. With the Vibe Crate you recieve all the clothing, apparel and accessories along with camping equipment and gadgets for your next festival.

last but not least we have our Heavydrop Crate at $69.99. This crate option is for the people you see in body suits with their sacred totem, this is everything you could possibly need.

What are the variety of products offered?
We offer anything from clothing and apparel such as shirts,socks,hats,pants,jackets and more along with all the glow gear and accessories you can imagine (gloves, poi, masks, bracelets,j ewelry and more) lastly camping equipment and gadgets for your next festival (hammock, solar shower, water packs, lights etc)

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