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British Women Artists

Peter Blue is a Developer, Writer, Entrepreneur, Investor and Director British Women Artists and Sporting Dates Ltd. He lives in Faversham, Kent UK. We have conducted an interview with him.

Peter Blue

What inspires you to the co-founding of this medium for women artists living and working in the UK to showcase their work?
While there are many art sites that cater to artists in general, there weren't any at the time that catered to women.

Why is extending the boundaries important for British Women Artists and Sporting Dates Ltd? What are the marketing support extended by your network?
Many other art sites were too restrictive on what could be uploaded, we put a few restrictions as possible in terms of image size and aspect ratio. That said, we do discourage the uploading of "tame" art like bowls of fruit, cats and dogs!

BWA gets around a 150,000 hits per month, mostly because of it's narrow focus, so any artist uploading work should get lots of attention.

About competition, what kind of topics are the most discussed in the forum section of your site?
The competition is normally held once a year with a prize-giving party in Soho, London. The evening is a relaxed affair with plenty of opportunities to meet the founders, other artists and judges. Some artists have received commissioned work offers from the competition.

Which kind of fine arts by UK women artists do you feature?
We feature all kinds of fine art (even video) except any that get too close to pornography.

What does this community of UK artists accomplish together? What is your vision?
The more members we get, the more effective the website becomes, which then means we get more members. Our hope is that BWA becomes a major player in the art world.

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