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Today our guest is Feritta from Australia. She is a Recording Artist a Food Blogger and also run an e-commerce fashion/accessories/home wares site. We have conducted an interview with her.


You have three different careers! How did you first begin?
Well I have three passions, music, food and a love for beautiful things. From this stemmed my music website, my food blog and my online fashion and homewares boutique.

Music is my creative outlet and it also connects me with who I am as a person. I guess it’s also a form of therapy for me as writing gives me an outlet for my feelings. I think more than ever we need “feel good music” and I want to write music with a positive message and use music as a medium to help people, make people think and share my feelings too. I have a music channel on YouTube - Feritta Ishtim Records where people can see me in action!

My food blog, Eat In Style by Feritta is an extension of creativity as well just in a different form. I grew up in a household where food was a major focus of our day, preparing food together, eating it as a family at the table, so it’s always been an important part of my life. Sweet or savory I don’t care, I just love eating and trying good food so I wanted to share that love with others too. It’s also fun, taking pictures and styling the food, it all just keeps your creativity flowing.

Goddess by Feritta, my online boutique came about more as an extension of my music, you know how it’s common for music artists to branch out into fashion, fragrances etc. and my manager, Donnie Osborne and I were musing it would be a good idea to launch an e-commerce site and so I did. I custom pick all the pieces of jewelry, fashion and homewares that are up there. I’m personally invested in the products featured on my site and own many of them myself. I also have a special page on the Goddess website that sells one-off pieces which I hand make with Swarovski crystals and sterling silver. I am always looking at news ways to express myself. I also launched a YouTube channel of the same where I blog about various beauty, fashion and lifestyle topics, it’s a lot of fun!

What kind of recipes do you feature in your food blog Eat In Style by Feritta?
The recipes on my website are quite eclectic. I love so many different styles of cuisine so it is hard to say. I love baking so there is a lot of baking on my blog but I also feature a lot of great Asian, Indian and continental dishes too. My Mum started co-blogging with me last year and with her help we get to share our traditional Parsi cuisine which stems from our cultural background too. Lots of people have heard of Indian food but not Parsi food which has its own unique way of using spices and exotic flavors to make dishes that are very different but extremely delicious! For example we have a dish in our culture call Sev, it is a sweet celebratory dish served for birthdays, weddings and auspicious occasions. Mum and I did a cooking demo of it for my Eat In Style by Feritta YouTube channel and it has over 17.000 views! Who knew so many people would like it!

Which website is the most popular? What are your future plans for this blog?
That’s a hard question to answer. I am blessed to have a very kind, loyal and supportive international audience. My plan is just too keep adding good quality content to all my sites and hopefully just keep growing them and making them the best they can be.

What kind of music/songs do you like? Where do you normally perform/do your recording as an artist?
I am a big fan of Michael Jackson. I would say he is the artist that has had the most impact on me artistically. His music speaks from the heart and has soul, has a message, makes a connection and as an artist that is always the ultimate goal. I don’t just want to just sing songs, I want to share feelings, share emotions and make people think. Generally speaking though I enjoy Pop, R&B, which is the style I write. Sometimes, if I am in the mood, I enjoy some smooth jazz. When I meditate New Age music is always a good way to relax.

We are currently recording a new album with a very R&B/Urban/Pop influence which I am really looking forward to getting out soon!

I have performed in Australia, India, New Zealand and the USA. When the new album is complete I would love to perform it everywhere! I record wherever I have am. In the past I have been fortunate to work with great engineers like James Hewgill who has worked with many of Australia’s top artists. I’ve also recorded in the USA and India, it just depends where I am when it’s time to record. I also do a lot of my demo tracks in my home studio.

Which are your top 3 bestseller products on the Goddess by Feritta E-commerce site?
I couldn’t name the top 3. Sales are pretty consistent throughout the website in most categories but I guess rings, bangles and cushion covers seem to do pretty well lol! The website is constantly expanding with new products which is exciting and I am looking forward to seeing how far I can grow it. I’m looking to create my own metallic print t-shirt line at the moment be sure to check the website for that!

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