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Flying Penguin: How to create miracles in your life using the six dimensions of success

Dr. Asoka Jinadasa is the author of "Flying Penguin: How to create miracles in your life using the six dimensions of success". It explains how anyone of any age can reach the highest levels of success simply by awakening our vast inborn human potential. We have conducted an interview with him.

What inspired you to write a most comprehensive self-coaching book?
None of the books and programs on self-improvement explain how we can reach the highest levels of success while staying healthy and stress-free. That is why I decided to write Flying Penguin. It presents an entirely new and holistic six-dimensional model of success that anyone can understand and use to create miracles in her or his life.

Why did you name your book 'Flying Penguin', why penguin?
People fly beyond the limitations of their daily lives under life-threatening circumstances, just the way Emperor penguins fly several feet above the water to land on the ice at higher levels when threatened by a predator. Flying Penguin symbolizes how you can transform yourself from a waddling penguin into a soaring eagle by awakening the vast human potential sleeping within you. It uses flying as a metaphor to help you discover your wings and fly far beyond your everyday limitations by using a blend of oriental energy techniques and modern science.

How and when did you discover this blend of oriental techniques and western science?
Over the past 40-odd years, while working in the corporate world as a UK-qualified chartered engineer with a US doctorate in Business Strategy, I also learned the Chinese martial art, T’ai Chi Ch’uan, and Himalayan energy techniques. I found that a mix of oriental energy methods blended with latest discoveries in behavioral psychology, neuroscience, genetics, nutrition, and healthcare could enable anyone of any age to become younger, healthier, happier, smarter and sexier simply by awakening the vast human potential mostly sleeping within each of us. I have personally validated the effectiveness of these methods by becoming 20 years younger over the past 10 years and winning two international awards for my work in my 70th year.

Which awards have you won?
I have been featured in Who’s Who in the World and Who’s Who in Western Europe. More recently, I won the 2015 MTC Global Outstanding Corporate Award for Consulting and the 2015 Asia-Pacific Award for Outstanding Contribution to HR.

What are the six dimensions of success?
The six dimensions of success are symbolized by Heart, Mind, Body, Passion, Focus and Health. Competencies associated with each of these six dimensions of success can be very easily developed.

How can the six dimensions of success be developed?
Anyone of any age can develop the six holistic dimensions of success using the simple techniques described in my self-coaching book, Flying Penguin. I have helped thousands of people from all walks of life awaken the almost limitless power mostly sleeping within them in just a few weeks by spending about 20 minutes every day.

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