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Fun Out

Cat Moon Erickson is an experimental film and video producer in Atlanta, GA. She has two films about to go into pre-production, and one set to become available online this summer. Today she made my short film called Fan Out available again for a limited time. Anyone can watch it free of charge until August 2016. We have conducted an interview with her.

What is in experimental film making that entice you?
I believe, and I think we're seeing this more than ever now.... there's a story, or movie in every moment. I wanted the viewer to feel as if they were the vlogger and right there with us. This is why we used common devices, like the iPhone, to shoot. The magic of the piece, for me, is that there's an amazing first person perspective that occurs while watching footage made with a consumer, rather than professional, device.

Besides documentary filming, what are the other creative work you produce/make?
I have one more guerilla-style docudrama, called "From Crystals to Castles," which is in post-production and will be released via "video on demand" this summer. By next year I expect to complete production for two scripted feature films. My projects in development are listed on IMDB (internet movie database).

Which director's work is your favourite and who influences your style in filming?
A couple of my biggest influences are Woody Allen and Richard Linklater, because of their keen sense of conversation. I believe a movie is really more of a conversation, than a visual experience.

What is 'Fan Out' short film about?
'Fan Out' is a musical film depicting the journey of a young woman who's has become aware of her impact in the world... first, as a fan for her famous friends, and by the end, as an individual. It's really an homage to fans, if you will. Many people see the artists on stage as so different, or perhaps better than them, but the relationship between the fans and the artists is synergistic. We need each other, and both sides are equally interesting, because artists change their fans, and visa versa.

When did you film ''Snow on Tha Bluff'', what is the similarity it shares with 'Fan Out'?
When we started shooting "Snow on Tha Bluff" in 2008, it started out as a short film, but the fact that we were working with an auteur gave us the potential for so much more. So, we made it a feature, and long story short: it was purchased by Screen Media Films in 2012. I had never produced anything completely by myself before "Fan Out," so it was natural to take what I had just learned from "Snow" and apply it.

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