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Hashtag Magic

J. Steven Young is an author of Children's activity books and YA Fantasy. His latest series Hashtag Magic is now having a screenplay written and the third book in the series coming out early June. We have conducted an interview with him.

J. Steven Young

Which multiple genres do you like to write about? Why
I have a tendency to write only in fantasy but I also do children's books. Mostly I enjoyed writing fantasy because it allows me to explore magic which has always been something I was drawn to since I was little. I enjoy creating activity books for children because I love how they absorb information and it’s so much fun teaching kids.

How do you share your adventurous and imaginative observations on life?
Most of my characters in my fantasy novels are derivatives of people I know and spend much of my time with. For instance, in hashtag magic, the grandmother or Nana is modeled after my own grandmother who we also called Nana. Likewise, many of the events that I use in my books are similar to things that happened in my own life especially those events slow growing up. Sometimes the way things happened the way I imagined them to happened are two entirely different things. My imagined version is what ends up in my books.

What inspires you to write the Hashtag Magic collection?
Inspiration for hashtag magic came from just a thought that was random about today's society and the 140-character limit we are imposed to use for sharing what's going on in our life. During a discussion with someone on how annoying hashtags were and that the hashtag used to be called the number or pound sign, when I was young, I thought it would be fun to see what it would be like to have magic done through some sort of short. So why not with a hashtag.

In your opinion, is escapism important? Why?
I think escapism is extremely important. Let's face it none of us battles dragons or casts magic on a daily basis. Unless somebody up there is may really need contact because I want their job. Being able to escape every day I think is what helps me remain sane. I think that's what draws people to certain books and characters is limited to relate to them and see how they faced similar situations in their lives it helps people to see the work out for the characters, it can work out for themselves.

What do you hope to achieve or reach with your writing works? …
Really anything I truly want to achieve other than making people happy reading my stories. Likewise, is that if children can learn something from the activity books I write, then I think that I've done my job and sharing something of myself, allowing others to benefit from my experience.

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