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Heart In The Toilet

Jenny Mason lives in Sydney, Australia. She is a writer, screenwriter, cartoonist, teacher and philosopher. We have conducted an interview with her.

What inspired you to start the 'Heart In The Toilet' ?
After going through many break ups myself, I often heard from friends that they could see things were not right and I thought it would be great to have an objective viewpoint. When you are caught up in a relationship sometimes you don't see things clearly. I thought Heart in the toilet was a funny way to express how you feel when things are not going well.

Who do you want to reach?
The heartbroken, those in a dilemma and not knowing what to do. Problem relationships and those who wish to help with advice.

Which topics are normally raised on this site?
We get a huge range of problems, from in laws to adultery, to money to bad habits.

What kind of advice do you give on this site?
The public decide whether you should fish your heart out of the toilet or flush the relationship. I offer general relationship advice.

Where do you get ideas for your screenwriting or even cartooning? 
The screenplay I have recently written has been an idea I have had for many years, it has been inspired by some people I have known and as for cartooning, it is like therapy. I love drawing the ridiculous.

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