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Hidden Dragons

Renae Johnson lives in SW Michigan with her husband & a Tibetan Mastiff. They own a lighting company but she writes as much as she can when no one is knocking on her office door. Her recent publication is a children's book called Hidden Dragons. It's for grade school aged kids. If they like dragons & wizards, they will like this cute, fully illustrated book. We have conducted an interview with Renae.

Hidden Dragons

What inspires you to write children's book ''Hidden Dragons''?
I've always been a writer. I always thought I'd write horror fiction but one day I was sitting on my back porch, watching the dragonflies in my backyard, and thought, 'What if dragonflies are just dragons, only shrunk down into these tiny bodies?'

Which age group do you write it for? Why did you select this group?
I have published Hidden Dragons for grade school aged children. I believe the content of wizards and dragons can be appreciated by children of the 6-10 year old range.

What is ''Hidden Dragons'' about? Why should it be recommended to children?
It's a fully illustrated story where the characters jump off of every page in vibrant colors. The good wizard, Kablooey, must find a way to save the pet dragons of his village when they're threatened by the evil king. Kablooey's dragon, Driscoll, has a love of melons and can't resist the king's melons. This upsets the king. Kablooey has a clever way of keeping the dragons alive.

It should be recommended to children because the characters are endearing and lovable. And the story line offers a nice little twist in the end.

Who is the illustrator of this book?
The illustrator's name is James Heirman. He's remarkable!

As a writer, what do you think is the most important for children about the books they choose?
Engaging characters, imagination, and a memorable story that they will enjoy.

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