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In Guitar We Trust

Mirko Filacchioni is a guitarist from Rome, Italy. He has released an instrumental/rock EP titled "In Guitar We Trust". We have conducted an interview with him.

Mirko Filacchioni

When was the first time you started to play the guitar?
I started to play the guitar when I was a child, after studying piano for 3 years I was attracted by the guitar, it was love at first sight!

How did you discover your real passion for hard rock music?
I started to study playing the Metallica, trying to understand their inspirations I discovered hard rock bands among which The Led Zeppelin was my favorite one. The power of their sound really struck me and the Jimmy Page's passion in playing guitar was an inspiration for my music.

Who are your inspirations/guitarists? What do you like about them?
In addition to Jimmy Page who I already mentioned above, my favorite guitarist is Joe Satriani, Everybody appreciates his great technique but what I like about him more is his musicality.

Which is the most difficult to find in musicians?
It’s difficult to find musicians!...In professional environment there are a lot of good musicians but when you are at the beginning of your path it’s really difficult to find professionalism and humility in people you work with.

How do you describe your musical identity?
In my project, called “In Guitar We Trust”, I fused my guitar skills with a range of oriental instruments, brass and percussions. My aim is to lay down a path for the audience to walk along.

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