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Interview with David M Raine

David M Raine is a professional Actor and Songwriter. He honed his skills in New York City, working as a model, stage actor, and frontman for a rock band. Now in Philadelphia, he focuses mainly on his film and television acting career. We have conducted an interview with him.

David M Raine

When did you start your songwriting career?
I was still very young when I began songwriting professionally. I had just completed a European Tour of the Broadway Musical, "Hair". I had done musicals before, but none that had the Rock Concert feel that "Hair" can have at points in the story. This feeling really connected deep in me. As soon as I returned to New York City, I joined the band, Hundred Pound Head, as the lead singer. That's when I began to introduce my songwriting into the mix.

What is your role in 'House of Cards'?
Working on "House of Cards" was a fantastic opportunity. I worked closely with Robin Wright. As a matter of fact, she also directed the episode I was in. I played the head of her secret service outfit. Unfortunately, the storyline took a drastic turn, and my character was not needed for Season 4. I turned down a part in "Veep", as well as a Lottery commercial, in order to do "HOC". I'll never regret the decision.

Do you enjoy being an actor or a songwriter? Why
I enjoy Acting and Songwriting immensely. I believe keeping my feet in both industries has kept me balanced, and also made life pretty exciting. They each reward me differently. They both are a craft of storytelling. Acting puts you in a position where you're both telling and being the substance of a story. Songwriting allows you to literally compose the emotion and texture of a story’s landscape. Now, lets not forget that they both also require you to have a healthy amount of courage and insanity, but the reward of seeing someone really feel what you performed or produced is indescribable.

Which top tip would you give to someone who aspires to be in the entertainment industry as an actor or songwriter?
My most valuable tip is, do not enter this industry without being prepared for the long haul. For some, it happens relatively quickly. For most, it takes half a lifetime, and even then, you’re blessed if you can at least make a living. DO NOT compare yourself to anyone else, whether they are famous or a failure. Focus on YOUR journey, and keep moving.

What is the most exciting aspect about being a songwriter?
The most exciting part of songwriting for me used to be the times in the past, when my band was playing a club in the East or West Village in NYC, and the audience members would sing along with me when we played their favorite song. That feeling is amazing! Lately, since my Acting career is getting a new push, I’m doing much less live concerts, and more writing for film placements. So now, I get excited when I see a film and my song is playing underneath to support the effect of a scene.

If you can have it your way, which three new roles would you like to take on? Which will be the most challenging?
The three new roles I would like to take on vary greatly. One would be the biopic of Bob Marley. Another would be a new Superhero…one that deals in mysticism, as well as physical power. The third would be a long standing series Lead, like James Spader’s (Raymond Reddington) in “Blacklist”, or Kevin Spacey’s (Francis Underwood) in “House of Cards”.
See…I told you they would vary…

Where can people find and follow you?
Instagram: @davidmraine
Twitter: @dmraine

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