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Interview with Lyn Horner

Lyn Horner lives in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. She is an indie author, multi published in the western historical romance and romantic suspense genres, with paranormal elements. We have conducted an interview with her.

What is your main interpretation of the futuristic prophecies mentioned in your Romancing the Guardians series?
The prophesies handed down from ancient seers in this series point to a collapse of civilization due to war, famine and financial ruin. They also indicate a need for survivors to adapt to a very different life afterward.

Why did you choose authentic Old West settings in your Texas Devlins books and how does this choice enhance the leading men as steamy romance heroes?
I have always loved reading western historical romances. When I began writing I naturally chose to write in that genre. I did extensive research to make the settings as authentic as possible because I want my readers to feel like they are there in the story. The stereotypical rugged cowboy, frontier soldier or Native American, is unbeatable as a sexy romance hero.

Why do you enjoy writing passionate historical and contemporary love stories?
Simple answer: I love reading those kinds of books, so that’s what I write. On a deeper level, I enjoy building complicated, fiery relationships between my main characters in the midst of fast-paced adventures. Weaving in unique psychic powers adds even more excitement to the mix.

Who is your favourite character in your "Romancing the Guardians" series?
That would have to be Lara Flewellen, alias Lara Spenser, the High Guardian of Danu. She embodies strength in the face of terrible danger and overwhelming responsibilities. She’s not above asking for help when she needs it, but in the end, the success or failure of the Guardians’ mission rests on her slender shoulders.

Is it usual or unusual to read about psychic phenomena with Irish folklore and a chilling apocalyptic sub-theme? Why?
In actual Irish folklore, paranormal phenomena, including examples of psychic gifts, are not unusual. However, when it comes to modern romances, I don’t think you’ll find Irish folklore, psychics and an apocalyptic theme together in one story very often. In fact, I may be the only author who ventures to combine the three. 

Quoting Amazon Top 500 Reviewer, Dianne Bylo, “…the plot is brilliantly set up as it slides across genres and takes on its own life!” (Review for Rescuing Lara, Romancing the Guardians, Book One)

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