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Interview with Mark David Lloyd

Mark David Lloyd is a British contemporary artist who exhibits work internationally. His career began as a graffiti artist in the mid 1980’s. Mark is an artist that is not shy of addressing topical issues and philosophical ideas. We have conducted an interview with him.

Mark David Lloyd

What makes you an artist who is 'not shy' of addressing topical issues and philosophical ideas?
I am interested in addressing topical and philosophical issues in my work as I believe that making art is a means of exploring thought experiments of my time in history and the wonders and catastrophes of the future possibilities. Anything else is purely superficial, that does not interest me.

Which is your best/favourite piece of your art/work that shows this?
I have no favourite/best pieces of my own work; however a good example of my practice intentions would be the “Eternal Singularity” series.

For abstract expressionist painting methods, how do you know when you should stop in the art piece created? 
That is a very difficult question to answer, I think finding a balance in unbalance.

How does the process in an attempt to reintroduce authenticity and aura/soul back into art inspires you?
In my work the process of attempting to reintroduce authenticity and aura/soul back into art is an important Practice or Puja. It is intended to address the lack of substance of contemporary images and art and to confront the ideas of Baudrillard (simulation) and Walter Benjamin (The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction).

What does it mean to you and why did you do this?
In this process I burn artworks and objects into ash, with this ash I produce pigment which I paint with. My art/artworks/object are in their very nature (DNA) or matter infused or instilled with authenticity and the spiritual. This process is a contemporary artistic reinterpretation of the Hindu spiritual practice of Antyeshti (samskara).

What is in the post-postmodern/ metamodernist, and nascent genre of work that you like so much?
The terms post-postmodern/ metamodernist, and nascent have been used to describe my work by others, it is not how I choose to describe or define my work.

Where do you get your inspiration to create works with themes on human advancement in the age of technology, globalization, dystopia and apocalypse?
All of these themes are contemporary, relevant, and important in our time. Thank you kindly for your time.

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