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Interview with Rekha Babu

Rekha Babu is seriel entrepreneur from India who realised the importance of "Sustainability" & "Social relevance" for "Scaling up" enterprises . We have conducted an interview with her.

Rekha Babu

How many multiple business opportunities or industries do you work on?
Till date 7 startups. But at a time does'nt work on more than two. Have worked in Real Estate, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education

What are your expertise and strengths?
Strengths : Team building, Nurturing, Motivating, Empowering Expertise : Brand building , Marketing, Strategy , Storytelling

How did you started on Serial Entrepreneurship?
Started my startup journey 13 years back in Real Estate. Innovated continuously within the sector to come out with new product lines. Recession made me realise the need for having my investments in multiple sectors. Realised the importance of scalability, sustainability and social relevance in growing brands.

When was the first time you saw signs that you are a serial entrepreneur?
I realised I am a serial entrepreneur, when I failed in my second and third startup and still went on to do my third, with no regrets about my failures.

What areas will you interested in the near future?
I am keenly following the developments in the human resource sector. Creating an opportunity whereby people can have flexible workings and strike the perfect work life balance.

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