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Interview with Sidney Wood

Today our guest is Sidney Wood from Alaska. He is the author of two self-published books available on Amazon - Path of Jen: Bloodborne, and Thicker than Blood: Stronger than Bone. We have conducted an interview with him.

Sidney Wood

What is 'Path of Jen: Bloodborne' about?
Jena Ahmadi (Jen) is an Iranian-American teenager living in Dallas, Texas. Her mother, a gifted doctor and strong advocate of women's rights, guides her gently toward the truth she believes. A seed is planted. Her father, a moderate Muslim, turns a blind eye at first, but as Jen grows older his demeanor toward her changes. Confused by his distance, Jen pushes back and fully embraces the American culture that surrounds her. In a last ditch effort to help his daughter connect to the heritage he holds so dear, Jen's father takes her to Tehran on her sixteenth birthday. Her parents' worst nightmare is realized when Jen is kidnapped from a crowded bazaar and she is sold into modern day slavery. That is when her journey, her path, truly begins.

Who are the people who inspired you into writing?
My favorite storyteller list is long; but my children are my biggest inspiration. Imagining new stories for them was always such a joy. Believe it or not, Thicker than Blood started as a children's story and included a puppy sized dragon in the first draft. There was no blood magic or mercenary named Death, and the story was focused on Charity, rather than her father.

What kind of plot/settings are you stories set?
Path of Jen is set in the present day middle east. It begins in Dallas, Texas and quickly moves to Iran, Syria, and Iraq. I drew on my own experience as a soldier in Iraq, and conducted extensive research to fill in the blanks.
Thicker than Blood is set in a fictional world similar to our own Medieval Europe. Tools and weapons are made of steel, and although not in great supply, gunpowder is available and used on occasion. The country is painted in broad strokes, leaving the reader to imagine it in their own way.

Why did you write about "Thicker than Blood: Stronger than Bone"? Who is your favourite character in the book?
I love Scifi and Fantasy! Thicker than Blood is my first attempt at creating a different sort of fantasy that incorporates sinister magic with the violence, danger, and plenty of humor. The characters are quirky, flawed, and unique from one another. I feel like they are all real people now!

My favorite character is the guilt ridden and crippled Guy Martin. Strength is not always visible on the surface, and Guy proves himself more resilient than most men. His motives aren't always pure, but his heart is undeniable. Guy keeps going no matter how hard fate tries to trip him up.

Will you be planning to write sequels or trilogy to your books?
The sequel to Path of Jen: Bloodborne is underway. I expect to release it this summer, and follow up with many more. I believe the Path of Jen will continue.

Thicker than Blood: Stronger than Bone is book one in a planned trilogy. My hope i that the characters are vibrant enough to support a spinoff or two in the future.

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