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Lay One Down

Ed Roman is an Award-winning singer/songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist from Shelburne, Ontario, Canada. Blurring the lines between pop, rock, folk, and country music genres, Ed’s uniquely crafted songs have received regular rotation on more than 100 terrestrial radio stations across North America and more than 400 stations, worldwide. He just released his latest Veterans Benefit single, "Lay One Down". We have conducted an interview with him.

Ed Roman

Who inspired you to produce this Veterans Benefit single, "Lay One Down"?
We live at one of the most important and crucial times in human civilization when it comes to our level of empathy and how we relate to one another. I know a multitude of people around the world are experiencing fear, hatred, aggression and everything that effects their basic existence. The song is a metaphor or mantra for laying down what ever it is that you use in your life and augments your existence. The very thing that you move through life with. The thing that prevents you from moving through your life in a positive and collective soul. It is a Trojan horse of concepts when thinking about your fellow man and erasing the idea of an enemy.

What is your upcoming video release about?
The idea was to get as many people from around the world to participate in a global effort to share this metaphor. All that was required was a simple hand gesture that took no more than five seconds. Our existence as human beings is greatly affected by the posture and the stances we take. In this way the message could be systemic and move for multiple countries around the world in a race towards a common sense revolution.

How did you create this particular music video?
Through social media we held an open invitation for three weeks and collected all videos which are now incorporated into this new release for heart songs for veterans entitled "Lay One Down". The song that I contributed for heart songs was already in process for a new album which I am set to release entitled RED OMEN. Lay one down will be one of the songs featured on this record as well as being part of a continual effort in this campaign with heart songs for veterans.

Where do you get your raw footages from?
As I mentioned through the video gathering of artists and people that contributed their time on our event page, I had also shot a great deal of it on my old porch here in my home in Ontario Canada. The atmosphere lends itself well to an acoustic and rustic like approach to a folksong attitude.

What kind of message(s) do you wish to deliver through your music?
As on my new album entitled RED OMEN contemplates "The message is... And it is radical... Be Love. The beautiful blue ball that we are all lucky enough to exist on more and more every day shows itself as a gift. We take our fellow man as well as our surroundings for granted. We pontificate our beliefs yet we stand in hypocrisy because our actions do not illustrate our language. Anger and compassion although diametrically opposed both act like sponges. Depending on the amount of water we pour into these one of will become saturated. We must learn to put down our aggressions and try to comprehend our own faults. Music has a way to massage the human consciousness and must not be taking for granted or looked at as nothing more than a commodity. Art and music is something that needs to be nurtured by all people.

Which are the most interesting places to get your ideas for your music?
Talking to good people just like yourself. Going through the crap. Listening to peoples woes and at the same time there elations about their life experiences. Art is always happening. Perception is what is inherent in our existence in the culture and community we know his music. It's been a complete pleasure to speak with you and thank you for taking the time to speak about this with me today.. The Omen Is RED.

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