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Soul-driven entrepreneur - Zakiya

Zakiya Mills-Francois is a serial entrepreneur and business strategist who help persons build their business from the ground up. She resides on the caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago and help persons gain clarity of thought, clarity of vision and clarity of purpose and bring fulfillment to every area of your career, life and business through her coaching and consulting services. We have conducted an interview with her.

What are your background experiences?
I’m no stranger to the corporate arena. I have extensive experience that spans over a decade in the public, manufacturing and energy sectors in various leadership roles. I’m seasoned in marketing, branding, PR, corporate communications, protocol, crisis communications, events management and image management.

What kind of serial enterprises have you taken on?
I have a passion for building businesses from the ground up. Through my entrepreneurial coaching, I work with individuals who are ready to monetize their ideas or improve on inefficiencies within their existing business. Currently I am the owner of 3 natural hair salons and hair loss treatment centres, 2 image studios and fashion boutiques and host of over a dozen events and conferences annually.

What do you aim to achieve in your life?
My purpose in life is to help individuals gain Clarity of Thought, Clarity of Vision and Clarity of Purpose and bring fulfilment to every area of their life, career and business. I do this through one on one coaching and consulting.

Which aspects of coaching did you like most and why?
I love entrepreneurial coaching. The joy I feel when a client follows my guidance and achieves personal and financial targets cannot be expressed in words. I believe that everyone can be an entrepreneur with the right guidance. There is something that we are all good at that someone else would be willing to pay us for. I love to take persons on a journey to figure out what that is and then of course monetize it. That brings me unexplainable joy.

When and how did you discover your strengths and interest as a consultant and coach?
I discovered my strength as a consultant and coach long before I started my businesses. I’ve always been the one that persons would come to for guidance and advice as I was well read and my education and skills spanned a wide area. My coach training has allowed me to further develop the skills that came naturally to me.

What does your coaching and consulting services entail?
My coaching and consulting services allow men and women to gain more power, authority and confidence to create greater results in their career, life and business. What I do is holistic. I believe that when you operate out of your strength, life becomes easier and work becomes more fun. When you feel good on the inside you glow on the outside. For more details on how I can help you, visit me online at

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