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SuZen is a NYC fine-art photographer & multi-media artist. Her 50th anniversary retrospective exhibit, "VISIONS OF LIGHT & SPIRIT," premiering her latest multi-media installation, “Transmigration,” opens May 1, 2016, at Westbeth Gallery, NYC . Recipient of numerous grants, NYSCA funded a 40’ x 25’ painted mural, of her photo “Flowing Light,” on 42nd Street in Times Square. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries internationally. We have conducted an interview with her.

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How did you begin your artistic career? Who influences in what you do?
As a little girl I always loved drawing. The story goes although I don't remember it - when I was 5 years old, my family awoke one morning to a mural drawn on the wall. Of course I denied doing it, but when my sister very cleverly asked me who were the people I declared mommy, daddy and the rest of my siblings. So that was my first mural - to be followed years later with a 40' x 25' painted mural on 42nd St in Times Square, NYC. As a young girl I attended the Brooklyn Museum on Sat AM. Jerry Uelsmann was a big influence in my photography.

When and where is your latest multi-media installation exhibited?
TRANSMIGRATION, my newest multi-media installation, will be exhibited at the Westbeth Gallery, NYC - May 1-21

What is the latest retrospective exhibit about?
My retrospective exhibit is collection of my photos from 1966-2016 & premiering my newest multi-media installation, TRANSMIGRATION

What accomplishments have you made in the art scene so far? Which is your proudest piece?
Received NY State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) grant for my 40' x 25' painted mural on 42nd St in Times Square. Received a NEA interarts grant for "Between Spaces" a performance/installation at JFK airport. Exhibit in museums & galleries internationally including Museum Ludwig in Cologne Germany.
TRANSMIGRATION & mural on 42nd St.

What other kinds of art do you like to make?
Graphic design

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