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TargetPoint Marketing

Tonight our guest is Landon Eaton from Texas, president of TargetPoint Marketing. TargetPoint Marketing provides full online marketing account management services. We have conducted an interview with him.

What are the full range of services under "TargetPoint Marketing" brand?
Currently we provide full online advertising management for clients; we design, list and manage our client's online ads.

Which is the most basic package provided? What is the price?
Our most basic package is generally for small businesses who are starting out with online advertising or have an advertising budget of $500 / month or less. The service cost is $300 / month with the ability to run up to $200 worth of ads. Total of $500.

What kind of analytics do you use to determine the impressions in the pricing plans?
We look at market rates as well as the industry that the advertisement is in.

Which is your bestseller (service) so far?
No doubt our bestseller is the "Small Business" package at $500. Most new clients want to test the water before moving to a larger scale campaign.

Where can I see an example of a client that you have serviced (your portfolio)?
You can go to and click on the menu item "Portfolio".

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