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The Socialites

Ace is about as interesting as they come! From events to arts, to social good; his toes are well dipped in just about everything under the sun. Ace founded The Socialites, an entertainment, social and lifestyle network. In our brief interview we delved into that and much more.

So, we know you’re up to a lot, but what are you currently focused on?
My key focus is now The Socialites - my baby - our global lifestyle network; and The Plus Ones - our experiential media group/magazine.

What sort of fun things are you getting up to with these?
Well we’ve got a global team of 150+ ambassadors, journalists, creatives and more. We create and showcase all things experiential and lifestyle.

That sounds like such fun. You must have a fair following!
It is! We’ve reached quite a few million globally, and actually wake up in somewhat disbelief how fast it’s all grown.

How did it all start?
Well it all started with our expat communities. I’m the ambassador and community organizer of a few expat communities such as InterNations and Couchsurfing. Being an expat and TCK myself, I’ve always had the goal of making the world a more social place. This coupled with our ‘professional fortes’ and passions blossomed into our livelihoods!

Are you involved in any other community activities outside of the expat scene?
Actually, yes. We run Global Good - a non-profit organization and magazine, which promotes altruism and positive action within community and society. We’ve worked with the likes of Habitat for Humanity, The Kids’ Cancer Project, etc.

How long have you been in Australia? And how is expat life any different to a regular one?
I’ve been here for nearly a decade actually! Well for once, the company we keep is very diverse. Most expats are extraordinarily open minded and sociable. And most speak anything between two to six languages - crazy, I know.

Wow, how many do you speak?
Well I used to speak some French and Spanish, and can understand some Italian as a result. Separately I could read and write Japanese and Korean (and speak some), but can’t quite remember much of it anymore!

What do you do when you’re not working on these or brushing up your language skills?
Well separate to these, we also run an advertising agency, which ties in well; as The Socialites/The Plus Ones also operate as media and experiential agencies.

What about outside of work? What do you like doing?
That’s a tough one. I guess work and life are very inter-mingled. I’m a creative, so I dabble in a few instruments, do some art (cubism, expressionism), write, design, photography and partake in general creative sundry I guess.

Ah yes, you’re a creative. Is this something you do or did for work?
Well I studied audio engineering as well as design, and have worked as art/creative director for both brands and magazines, as well as having exhibited from time to time. We also run a creatives network - CONNECTANATION - which helps creatives connect, collaborate, and grow.

And you mentioned you write.
Yes, I’ve just co-authored a book on marketing, and am in the process of finishing my second book - a light-hearted take on the many secret virtues of our vices. Be it staying up late or profanity - everything's got a benefit, surprisingly enough.

What are some of your own vices?
Wine - can’t resist a good drop. I also succumb to FOMO equally easily.

Great, so you’re a marketeer and a creative. Anything else?
Haha, actually, I used to work events and entertainment for about six years before making the switch. But we still run a few events, festivals, activations etc., albeit not quite as often.

Cool, what are some of your favorites?
I guess there’s a handful I really loved. I ran a secret abandoned warehouse party with about 5,000 attendees which was ridiculously fun. We also co-organized a 20,000 people laneway arts and charity festival, which too was a blast. My favorite was Frozen at Flinders, which sort of went viral. It was originally based in Grand Central Station in New York, but grew to 10 times the size of it! The other “coolest,” for lack of a better term, was one from our very early days - years and years ago - when we ran the southern hemisphere’s biggest Jager Bomb drop.

Sounds so exciting. Why did you quit?
Well I used to race road bikes and got run over by an SUV. This got me out of commission for a bit, and by the time I’d recovered, I decided I wanted to try something different.

And that you did! Speaking of different, what do you do when you’re not doing all of this? For fun, I mean.
Well, it’s all fun, to be honest. But I do positively love reading up on astrophysics and quantum mechanics. Science and philosophy - the two things I could go on about all day.

Sounds like it’s all turned out swell so far? Is there anything else you want to dip your toes in?
Well, between the arts, science, alcohol, and happenings across Sydney-town; sadly I’ve got my hands rather full. But hey, always open to ideas!
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