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The Unknown She

Brooksie D. Thompson is an author from Tennessee. Her second book is coming soon and we have conducted an interview with her.

Brooksie D. Thompson

Why did you name your first book "The Unknown She"? Who is 'She'?
I named my book "The Unknown She" because of how the poetry was written (it always referred to a "she"). You find out who "she" is at the end of the book, that's why "she" is unknown.

Which are the key themes in your book?
It's a poetry book that hits a lot of topics, primarily depression, suicide, anger, grief/loss, addiction, and some joy.

What are the 3 most memorable events that made you decide to write them within your book?
I would say one of my most memorable events was writing about my job as a mental health counselor and being able to see that it's the small things that really matter. Writing is the best outlet I have found. I will never forget riding a horse one beautiful sunny day and writing a poem in my head about someone I cared deeply about but had lost. When I go back and read what I've written, I am 100% taken back to the time and situation that I had experienced.

Where do you get your inspirations?
I get my inspirations from real life events and personal experience with the topics. For me, I don't write just to write. I only write when I am "inspired" deeply by an experience.

Why do you hope that the emotions can be passed on to your readers?
The reason I hope the emotions from the book can be passed on to the reader is so the reader knows he/she is not alone. I also hope the reader will better able to understand some one who is dealing with similar issues.

Brooksie's second book is coming soon! 
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