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Tru Images Photo Art

Nadia Bonello is a digital photo artist living in Ottawa, Canada's capital. She started digital photo art about a year ago, creating art from her own original photographs. Her art includes landscapes, flowers, contemporary art and more. We have conducted an interview with her.

What kind of art do you make, what are your tools, and when did you start making it?
I am a photographer and a digital photo artist, which combines photography and computer technology. I started this particular style of art in the spring of 2015 and so I have been doing this for about a year now. I use either my iPhone or my Nikon camera to take my pictures and then use many different photograph editing programs to change, enhance, and modify my photographs into art. Once a piece feels right, I list it in one of my online shops, and then depending on the customer's order, I personally print the small format art using archival inks with my Epson R2000 Inkjet Printer on ultra/premium quality matte, fine art, or photo paper. This method allows me to ensure that the finest details and most vibrant colours come alive for the viewer. Or, if a large wrapped canvas is needed, I get it printed professionally.

Which are your favourite themes and/or subjects and where do you normally get your inspirations for your art?
I actually have quite a few themes that are my favourites, they include close-ups of flowers, any kind of landscapes, and animals like dogs, birds, jellyfish, butterflies, dragonflies, and turtles. Recently, I have been working on a more contemporary art style which includes my textile series, black and white images, and gothic graveyards. Colour, texture, and the "feeling" I get when I work on something are the seed of inspiration for me. I often feel that the subject or art chooses me, rather than me choosing it.

How useful is this form of art to you personally and why do you enjoy making it?
Art, for me, is about learning to trust my intuition and feelings, and getting out of my very busy brain. I feel very strongly about the healing aspect of art and have experienced it myself. It's also about hope, celebration, and the sharing of a different perspective of our world. My mission is to create bold, beautiful, and unforgettable art, and my hope is that people will see the everyday ordinary become extraordinary with a unique perspective, interesting textures, and vivid colours. Basically, I do this because it brings me great joy and I want to share that feeling. So, come see what's Trū!

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