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Unique Property Company

Unique Property Company is a niche real estate agency based in London. They specialise in the sale and rental of high value, unique, one off and unusual properties. The brand is growing across social media as they are an online company. Unique are looking gain more unusual properties to sell for clients in the London area for creatives looking for cool property. We have conducted an interview with them.

How long have you been an agent in the niche, one-off real estate properties in London area?
20 years, we re-branded as Unique Property Company about 8 years ago, before that we were called city scope.

Did the position as the "first niche agent'' in the industry help you in your business?
Yes very much so. It became very evident that there are plenty of people our there who really want a "one off" property that no-one else has and they will pay big money for them. Most of our client base, be that sellers or buyers are from the creative industry who want a space that reflects there individuality, plus, we sell across the whole of London because our buyers are more interested in the property rather than the area its in.

How unique and unusual was the property you have ever handled?
A converted church that was once owned by the queen

What is the key challenge in the agency of properties of these range?
Always focused on customer service, we are a specialist company, and all our transactions are looked after by the owners/directors of the company our track record for achieving the best prices is excellent.

Unique Property Company

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