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Books by Avia

Avia grew up in Australia, worked very hard and travelled overseas in the Americas, Europe, Asia and South Pacific islands. She studied writing with a journalist at night school. We have conducted an interview with her.

What is your new (to be released) book about?
My whirlwind romance with Europe is about the protagonists exciting adventure to Europe, meeting her estranged family while visiting Europe's buildings, architecture and baroquean and renaissance art. The journey includes observing europes environmental efforts while tasting Europe's multi-cultural culinary delights.

What is your background and what inspires you the most in your writing?
I travelled europe, Asia and Americas and studied economics history At university. I studied writing with a journalist at night school. Travelling inspires my writing!

Which is the most memorable travelling experience you have ever had?
Travelling Paris was a bucket list must see! The people, the architecture, art-history, landmarks and restaurants all help to make Paris pretty and diverse! Hiking in Europe's snow capped mountains was also amazing. Helped me appreciate God's creation.

How and what draws you into writing about multi-cultural diversity, understanding other cultures, showing respect?
Multi-cultural diversity exists in all countries today and it is important to be socially aware and tolerant. Understanding different cultures, people and social norms is very important.

What are the current changes in the modern day cultural climate?
Todays multicultural modern climate in Australia includes migrants, refugees and free settlers from war-torn countries like Syria and Croatia and Serbia. The influx of migrants also includes people from Asia such as China, Vietnam, and Philippines. In Europe multi-culturalism is also a diverse reality today. Migrants and refugees go to Europe to find a better life, study, seek work or flee war zones. Modern-Day Europe includes migrants from Syria, as well as people from Asia such as, Chinese and Indians. These groups bring their faith and multi-cultural religious and social beliefs, clothing trends and foods.

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