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Craft Invaders

Sarah and her kids live in the UK, and blog at Craft Invaders. Their tagline is Create, Explore and Discover and that's what they love to do. The focus of their blog is their craft tutorials - they love to come up with new craft ideas using everyday items that are found around the home, in nature, or are recycled. We have conducted an interview with Sarah.

Craft Invaders

What do you blog about at 'Craft Invaders'?
Craft Invaders is about creating, exploring and discovering. As a family we love to learn, devise new projects, and challenge ourselves. The focus of our blog is our craft tutorials - we love to come up with new craft ideas using everyday items that are found around the home, in nature, or are recycled. Creating something by hand, however simple, always feels like an achievement. As well as our tutorials we also love to share our recipes, and our family days out in the Cotswolds where we live.

What inspired you to start this blog?
It was the children's idea to start a blog. We have always loved following other peoples, and one day they asked me if it was difficult to start one. I had no idea, so we decided we would try! Our blog is just turning one year old, and we have learned a huge amount in that time. We built the site ourselves, have made loads of blogging friends and learned a great many new skills. For anyone considering starting one themselves, we would say go for it! It's a lot of hard work, but also great fun, and a wonderful thing to do together as a family.

What do you hope to achieve?
To inspire other families to have a go! All our tutorials are designed to use items which are readily available to everyone, you wont need to spend lots of money to try one of our projects at home. We also have a real passion for nature and being outdoors, and this year have set ourselves the challenge to learn more about the art of foraging for wild food, and identifying wild plants in general. We have found Instagram to be the perfect community on which to share this project, and are delighted to have other members of the Instagram community joining in with our plant identification journey. You can find our Instagram page.

What is your belief about how others can follow suit?
We believe that crafting provides a level playing field, and whether you are 7 or 70, you can invent, enjoy and develop through crafting. There is no right or wrong way to craft, just the opportunity to explore, get a bit messy and express yourself. Everything you see on our blog, the kids and I have made ourselves - we believe if we can do it, anyone can!

How popular are the craft tutorials?
Everyone loves our craft tutorials. We try to come up with lots of original ideas, and make sure they are easily achievable for everyone. We also run a Pin-tested feature on our blog, where we investigate whether those beautiful, glossy pins that we all come across, actually, really work, and just how easy it is to recreate them at home. My Favourite Pin-tested post to date is our bleaching Pinecones which is also one of our most visited posts.

Which is the most visited craft idea?
All our homemade gift ideas are really popular. We share lots of ideas on our blog, and I believe it's really important that kids are involved in making any presents that they are giving, for example, teacher appreciation gifts. Our lovely Home-made Bath Fizzes are a great example of this  This tutorial combines Craft and Science to make a fabulous little gift.

What kind of recipes do you share?
They range from ideas to get kids cooking, for example our 'Everyone loves it Spaghetti', to our own unique inventions such as our wonderfully, disgusting 'Edible Scabs' that we created for Halloween  We also love to make traditional items such as preserves and fruit liqueurs. We are currently researching some historical recipes and plan to try out some prehistoric cooking methods on our blog soon.

What are the interesting topics which you feature about family days out?
As a family we all have a love of history and finding out how other people lived, so many of our days out feature historical sites that are local to us, such as The wonderful Woodchester Mansion. We also spend as much time outside connecting with nature as we can, so love to share ideas such as trying pond-dipping

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Thank you for the great questions and taking the time to Interview us :) Sarah and Kids
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