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recent is a startup based in Johannesburg, South Africa. They allow brands and agencies to get feedback on their creative ideas, campaigns and branding from an online panel of creative professionals. All a client has to do is upload their concept, storyboard, tv ad, print ad, etc, and will find the 30 most relevant industry professionals to provide actionable feedback, and within 7 days a client gets back a report. We have conducted an interview with them.

Why is it important for users to get feedback on their creative ideas?
The creative process has been proven to benefit from some form of validation, scrutiny, collaboration or testing process. While an idea or insight can be born from a single brilliant creative mind, brining that to life requires exposing it to others for feedback, suggestions for improvement, areas for concern and even encouragement to continue.

What are the simple steps in the process of using's platform allows any creative, brand or research client to upload their creative idea, animatic or semi­finished creative assets (video ad, website, mobile app, print ad). Our technology will then find the 30 most relevant creative professionals to provide feedback using digital survey technologies. After 7 days, will produce a report for the client to receive actionable ideas for improving (both strategic and tactical), areas of weaknesses and suggested next steps.

What inspires you to create this for your target users?
We blog about the challenges of getting creative feedback all the time. Brands and agencies are having a hard getting feedback from either their internal team and consumers in a timely, cost­effective manner. This means that many brands and agencies end up spending millions of dollars on TV, Radio and Brand campaigns that could have been more effective. This means lots of wasted opportunities to launch more engaging campaigns, and ultimately loss of sales and consumer loyalty. The world doesn’t need more mediocre ads.

What kind of brands will benefit most from your product?
Any brand that either spends a lot of budget on advertising or any small to medium size company that depends on its website to drive sales or store traffic. Whether its a TV ad or website, our platform can help brands put forth more effective creative and thus more sales and more consumer love.

How many industry professionals do you have on your product/network?
We currently have over 100,000 professionals from all over the world in our database. Creatives can learn more about our creative projects they get paid for here­that­our­creative­professionals­get­paid­for Reviewed by JaamZIN on 7:41:00 AM Rating: 5
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