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Easy as Pie Travel

Karen Lea Germain is from Glendale, California, with her husband, Dan, she has recently opened their own travel agency, Easy as Pie Travel. Karen is a southern California native and Dan is originally from England. She comes from a theme park industry background and Dan has a entertainment industry marketing background. We have conducted an interview with her.

How are you able to create a customised trip for your clients? What are your credentials?
We listen to our clients and understand their vacation dreams and needs. No two clients or vacations are the same. Our credentials are two fold.

1. We are seasoned travelers. I've traveled extensively throughout the United States and I spent fifteen years working for a theme park. Theme parks are hot vacation destinations and I'm an expert. Dan, my husband and other half of Easy as Pie Travel, is the son of a former British Airways Flight Engineer. He was traveling before he could talk! Dan has lived in four countries: England, Sweden, Australia and the United States. He has traveled extensively through Europe and Asia on business. Geographically, we are very familiar with much of the world.

2. We are affiliated with Montrose Travel, a well-respected travel agency that has been in business for over sixty years. Through Montrose Travel, we have connections with major suppliers, such as Disney and Norwegian Cruise Line. We also have support and education opportunities. The travel industry is constantly evolving and we are at the top of the game.

What are the current problems faced by travelers and why should they use your service?
Too much information. The internet is wonderful tool, but it can also provide an overload of information, too many choices. Going to a travel agent is like using a librarian, we have the resources and training to sift through the information and distill what is most important for our clients. We can come up with vacation ideas that may not have occured to you and it is our job to be aware of any issues that might come up during your trip. We worry, so don't have to.

How much will they have to pay? What does it include or exclude?
Travel planning is free to the client. We make our money from the commission paid by the suppliers, no off of the client.

How stringent are comparisons made and offered to your clients?
Our deals are among the best that you will find out there. I often do comparison searches to see if our offers compare to sites like expedia and travelocity. Not only do we compare, but we are often lower with extra perks, like shipboard credit on cruises or upgrades. If you do find a lower offer, please let us know, as we might be able to price-match it. We are definitely competitive.

Which is the most unique element/aspect about your services?
The unique aspect is the personalized, concierge service. The human touch. If you book online without a travel agent, you don’t have someone in your corner, making sure that your trip is worry-free. I’m here for every step of your trip from planning, until you return home, hopefully eager to plan your next vacation! I also will have an eye out for vacation deals and destinations that might be perfect for you.

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