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Eric Anthony Lopez on his new projects

Couple of months ago we have conducted an interview with Eric Anthony Lopez and now we had an opportunity to talk with him again as he got a new job a Netflix Orginal Series Show and leaving his job over in PHANTOM OF THE OPERA in the UK. He also goes to TOKYO to lead a show. Lot happened and we asked Eric about his latest projects.

How did you get noticed for the new Netflix Original Series show.
After my time with American Idol & my year with The Jackie Mason Musical-Off Broadway in NYC, I got a call out of the blue from producers that they were interested in me for this new show. I'm 21 & I didn't age out as the setting for the show is in a high school. I am very excited about it & I start work on this the day after I return to the states. It films in LA & Denver, and the last time I was in LA was after was eliminated from IDOL, so it will be nice that I'm there to work & leave on a cheery note.

What did you learn from your experiences from Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Phantom of the Opera' in the UK?
Everyone talks about the music. I've always been a fan of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's music. Doing this show & knowing it now so well, the lyrics & the melody that Andrew has put together are extremely smart. If you really listen to the words combined with the score - it really is a brilliant and smart piece of theatre. There is a reason this story is successfully told around the world & runs nonstop. I am proud to have been apart of this show & look forward to returning to it in the future.

What will be the new challenges for your trip to Tokyo to lead the holiday show, Winter Wonderland?
New country completely different to the USA, The language barrier should be a little challenging, I do have to speak a little Japanese, and I have to dance a bit. I'm not much of dancer, I dance if i have too, but even though I'm working I still I train constantly in everything- which is nessessary to maintain a long runs (voice/acting/dancing). so as long as I move with confidence - I should be fine. The company is bringing in 4 Broadway/West End/TV performers to lead the show. I'm excited to do a holiday/musical revue type show as oppose to just doing just a regular book musical & always like a good challenge.

How will you prepare yourself for the challenge?
You said it in the question. Prepare. I'm a crazy over prepared. I need it to keep me grounded and ready to do the job. I can't wait to work more with my vocal/acting coach back in NYC, Mary Setrakian. She's a godsend and completely changed how I sing and how I look at singing. I feel honored to be one of her students. She taught Nicole Kidman for her Golden Globe Award winning and Oscar nominated performance in Baz Luhrman's Moulin Rouge & students like Kate Winslet, James Gandolfini, Mandy Moore, Sierra Boggess, Bobby Cannavale & Mary J. Blige. So yes- Very good preparation, keeping up with training with class and such & just take care of yourself - like a good athlete. We are athletes of the stage.

You have a very busy schedule that's getting even busier ahead, what do you do in spare time?
Try my hardest to sleep sleep sleep & talk to family via FaceTime.

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