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FCM Publishing

FCM Publishing is a UK book publisher based in Lincolnshire. They are looking to pick up new authors (any genre) and run UK writing and publishing workshops. We have conducted an interview with them.

How to become a published author?
You need to start by ensuring that you have a good story. Whether fiction or non fiction it has to be something that will engage your target reader. After that it's down to making sure that the book is professionally edited and formatted regardless of whether you self publish or have a publishing house do it for you. If you have only a small budget, use it on the proofreading and and editing of your book.

Why is having a book important as a business owner?
Having a book means you are making a statement, you’re saying “I’m so good at what I do I wrote a book about it!” It means you are prepared to put your head above the parapet and be critiqued in your industry.

It’s also an incredible marketing tool and a great way to get doors opened for you with potential clients.

Do book authors need a professional publisher?
Not necessarily. A large publishing house will expect to see that you have built up your own following, have a strong market and have done the initial leg work to market your book. You can use an indie publisher like myself, who will ensure that your book has all the initial steps done correctly, will help you with the marketing and who can act as an introducer to the big companies or you can completely self publish.

What do publishers see and consider (of an author) before picking up new authors?
As I said earlier, a large publishing house will want to know that your book is not a huge risk to them. So by creating your own following on social media, generating your own mailing list, creating an author website and generally being involved in your marketing you show that there is an interest in what you’re writing and that there is a market for you as an author. In general terms they’d be interested in you if you’ve sold 10,000 copies. Make that 25,000 for film rights!!

What are the essentials tips to getting a publisher to look at you?
1. Send a printed copy of your book not a bound manuscript. Invest in getting your book finished professionally.
2. Send a self-addressed envelope. This encourages a response.
3. Write a polite covering letter and show everything you’ve done yourself as an author.
4. Pick the right publisher – don’t send it to a house that only works with children’s books if this is adult fiction.
5. Keep trying. They will reject you. Consider using an agent such as myself to act on your behalf, they will be more likely to respond to an agent than an author.

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