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Kamran Fulleylove is currently based in Vancouver although he is from Australia. he currently has a feature film in post production titled Frenzy that features John Jarrat who is a famous Australian actor from Wolf Creek. We have conducted an interview with Kamran.

How different is it to work on U.S. TV as opposed to Australian TV?
It’s been a really interesting experience working in both Australia and American television. Most notably the differences in culture. The characters in these different countries have extremely different views. Australia has been established on a very social system and is a essentially a small island so there is always this sense of financial and government safety where as I feel America really is the "home of the brave". The chances you take are bigger as there is much more to lose. Understanding these mentalities and how the livelihoods of the characters differ from place to place has been the greatest challenge and also the most rewarding.

What is the upcoming feature film you star in Frenzy about?
Frenzy is essentially a horror film with a different take on the genre. It was largely created as an actor piece and the majority of the characters are strong females.

When will it be released?
It is slated for release in 2017.

Who is the key and main characters in Frenzy?
The greatest aspect of the film was it was a large ensemble cast, so the lead essentially changes throughout the story. The great Australian
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