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Rory has got a cool no politics postcard campaign that you can participate in this summer. He is currently from Mohnton PA and the wife, Kelly, and kid, Collin will be traveling from coast to coast. Do you remember, as a kid,waiting for a letter in the mail, or a postcard from the grandparents as they traveled? He wants to send postcards out to 125 random people. We have conducted an interview with him.

What inspires you to run this "no politics postcard" campaign?
­I received a postcard from a friend who was vacationing in Hawaii this past January and it was a pleasant, unexpected surprise.

I would like to bring that same nostalgic,or new, feeling into others lives. Social media is great for alot of things, I enjoy it myself.However, we are slowly getting away from a feeling of connecting, even as we connect online. How many times do people actually laugh at something funny their friend posted compared to just clicking a thumbs up or typing LOL and moving on,scrolling through? I want to bring back a physical connection through an unexpected physical piece.

Why did you chose to send postcards out to 125 random people, why not other numbers?
­ The number 125 works into my budget constraints. I would like to send more,but this is what I can do now. However, keep the addresses coming,because things can change.

What was most treasured and personal memories about receiving a postcard or a letter in the mail?
­ If family traveled somewhere without me, they always put something in the mail without telling me and it was exciting to have something addressed to me as a child.

Why is it important to experience this 'receiving feeling' for people who had not ever before?
­ I believe there is a closer connection between humans when they receive, or give, a physical gift, a handwritten letter, or even a phone call vs text. I'm not knocking social media and technology, I enjoy seeing friends post photos and stories of the things they are doing just like anyone else. But, if you hold a physical item,like a postcard in your hand, see the effort someone went to send you this rather than a click from a phone shared on a Facebook wall, it will have more meaning. I promise, it will, even from someone you never met.

How many days will it take to travel from coast to coast with your wife, Kelly and son, Collin?
­ We will be traveling from Pennsylvania to California then back to the Outer Banks NC. One Week for the trip, one week relaxing on the beach. Then back home. You'll all receive a postcard from anywhere in between there, and a few of you will get a haiku written by me in the message body of the postcard. Get me your address soon,check out the linked video for all the information on how to submit and I promise, it'll bring a smile to your face, and for years to come. Talk to you soon!

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