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Helium Core

Brandon Hoe is a professional photographer and video/filmmaker. Before that, he worked as an engineer, product manager and marketer, and has taken lots of products from idea to successful manufacture and launch. Today he introduces us Helium Core - The Basic Building Block for iPhoneography.

What are the mounting features of the Helium Core?
The Helium Core has multiple 1/4”-20 screw mounts (photo and video industry standard size) along its frame, and there are screw mounts on all 4 sides of the frame.

The Helium Core also has a 37mm threaded screw lens mount, which accommodates many lenses and filters. The 37mm screw thread size is the size used by camcorders, so there are a lot of filters and lenses available in that size. 

Is it possible to add a flash for better iPhone photography?
Yes. There are flashes that are triggered via Bluetooth from companies such as Lume Cube and iBlazr. A company called Tric also makes a Bluetooth trigger that lets you use larger camera flashes, as well as studio strobes.

Which other lenses can be use for different types of shots?
There are wide-angle, telephoto, macro and anamorphic lenses on the market that fit the 37mm screw lens mount of the Helium Core. In addition to that, Moment lenses, a popular brand of iPhone lenses, can be mounted using Moment’s lens plate. We designed the Helium Core to accommodate the Moment lens plate. We’re also designing lens adapters for other popular lenses to enable their use with the Helium Core. 

What other add-ons or optimisation can be added?
In addition to flashes, you can add video lights, articulating arms, handles, microphones, cold shoes, lavaliers, wireless receivers and audio interfaces, among other things. Since there are many industry standard 1/4'”-20 screw holes on the Helium Core, you can put it on a tripod, gimbal, dolly, slider, jib, drone, car mount, motorcycle mount, articulating arm, stand and boom pole, among other places.

How much does it cost? 
The anticipated retail price is $155 for the Core, which is the smaller version (fits iPhone 6/6s), and $170 for the Core+, which is the larger version (fits iPhone 6 Plus/ 6s Plus).

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