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Brenda Rachel is a published author of the inspirational book IN THIS MOMENT ANGELS’ SWEET REFLECTIONS, which has over 250 quotes channeled to her through the Angels when she was on disability with serious back and hip pain. Brenda Rachel says “I am a ‘Messenger for the Angels’ delivering words of encouragement, inspiration, hope, love, peace and joy”. Brenda Rachel lives in Vancouver, BC Canada. We have conducted an interview with her.

Why did you choose to write “IN THIS MOMENT ANGELS' SWEET REFLECTIONS?”
I did not choose to write this book or become a writer/author. I was at my one of my lowest periods in life as I was on disability, off work from my corporate job, lying on my bed almost all day long in a back brace and iced all day. I was not able to do the most mundane household chores. I had been pleading with God and the Angels to “take me home” if they did not need or want to use me as their messenger anymore. I asked them 3 questions: what they wanted me to learn from this experience, what messages did they want me to share with others and how could I serve them? On October 29, 2014, I was attending spinal decompression treatments and was lying on the decompression table when my mother, who is deceased, came to me and clearly said “Brenny, You have to get your music on iTunes.” This was an album of inspirational/spiritual music the Angels had channeled to me in 2004-2006 when I was in another disability period of my life. I went home that day from my treatment and started the process to get my music on iTunes. It went live on December 2, 2014. I then asked the Angels how I could serve them and be their messenger and out of the blue, one inspirational/spiritual quote at a time, sometimes only one a day, sometimes more, began being channeled to me by the Angels. This started on December 1, 2014 and evolved into my book in May, 2015.

What inspired you to title it as such?
I asked the Angels directly what did they want “their” title of “their” book to be. I take no credit for writing this book. All the quotes were channeled to me and I was the Angels’ secretary who put “pen to paper” to get the inspirational/spiritual quotes compiled into “their” book.

When did you write it?
The Angels began channeling the inspirational/spiritual quotes to me on December 1, 2014. I am still receiving quotes, messages and writing articles about the angels. I will publish a second book when it is the right time and the Angels will instruct me on when to do this.

How does hope help you in your recovery?
Great question. Thank you for asking. I have been through many, many difficult and challenging periods in my life and have almost departed this planet 4 times between 1994 and 2014. The Angels intervened all 4 times and kept me “safe and alive”. Obviously, it was not my time to exit Planet Earth! I was not introduced to the Angels until 2004 when my sister sent me Doreen Virtue’s book “Angel Medicine” which I read when I could not walk for 4 months from being on disability with severe bilateral plantar fasciitis in both feet. I have always had a close relationship with God, since the age of 5, and my faith and personal belief system which “Hope” has been a huge component of, is what has given me the courage, strength, inspiration and motivation to ascend beyond my physical impairments. I will emphatically state that it has only been when I have totally surrendered my situation to God and the Angels, whatever that was at the time (i.e. physical, financial, relationship, career, spiritual, etc.) and totally “let go of the “control” rope” that the Angels intervened and brought me a renewed will to “forge ahead” by rekindling my belief in Hope and that everything happens for a reason, there are no coincidences or accidents, that everything happens in the right divine time and in the right divine way.

Of the themes on encouragement, inspiration, hope, love, peace and joy, which is the most enlightening to you personally?
My answer would be “LOVE”. I say this with the utmost reverence to all the other themes, but it is my personal belief and experience that everything I say, do, feel or think that manifests, achieves, emanates, produces or reflects positive results in my life comes from my centre core which is Spiritual Love. I believe that encouragement is manifested from love; inspiration is achieved through love; hope is emanated from love; peace is produced with love; and joy is a reflection of love. Love is the ONLY positive theme from which all the other positive themes are borne. LOVE IS ALL THERE IS!

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