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Indian Summer 2016

Sunshine Children's Center organizes a Summer Camp for 200 children from poor families, orphans and foster children of Brovary district in Ukraine. Kids will be provided with wonderful vacation in a true Indian village, with canoeing, archery and a lot of other adventurous and useful activities. The camp will be held from 4 to 21 July 2016 on the Lubich Island, Brovary district, Ukraine. We have conducted an interview with the organizers.

Where will the "Indian summer 2016" in Sunshine Children's Center held?
The Sunshine Summer Camp will be held in Ukraine, on island Lubich near Kiev.

What kind of activities will be planned for the children from poor families and orphans?
The main theme of Sunshine Summer Camp 2016 will be “Living like Indians”. We will build an Indian Village at the camp. The experience shows that the most effective way to positively influence children is to work with them in small groups. Therefore, all children will be divided into small groups, which will have their own tribe name. The children themselves will build their own small settlements. It will be the place where children and their leaders will live during the camp and where children will learn new different skills.

We always come up with useful and interesting activities for children that will develop them and give a positive experience that will stay with them forever.

We have several rehabilitation programs during the camp, such as: Pedagogy of Adventure activities (camping, canoeing, fishing, fire making and cooking, archery, swimming, hiking, orientation runs), art therapy activities (plasticine sculpturing, mosaics creation, drawing, crafts), proactive measures (healthy lifestyle promotion).

We also have Education activities, such as: labor classes (cooking skills, cleaning, woodcarving), first aid skills development, lessons of patriotism, history lessons (Indians), dance classes.
And of course we have a lot of time for the recreational activities (swimming, playing, bonfire, singing, sports) and time to realize children’s talents in the theater performances or talent shows.

How many children will this fully prepare Summer Camp benefit?
We plan that 200 children will have rest in our camp.

How much (what is the amount) would you need to collect?
We did a lot to find money for the camp. We already found money for 150 children. It’s left to find 95 000UAH for another 50 children who can have rest in the camp. It’s about 3 800$.

How can our readers help?
Readers can support us if they use this link and support our project. They can give minimum 4$ to support us.
Or if it more comfortable, you can use Pay-pal system
PC 30-176967-4 IBAN: CH3209000000301769674/

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