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Inner U Destroyed?

Kathryn Shasha, from CT, USA directs a film in production "Inner U Destroyed?" it investigates women's claims on social media that side effects from their IUDs went unrecognized by the medical community, also if a connection is being missed between the IUD and its side effects. We have conducted an interview with Kathryn.

What kind of film is "Inner U Destroyed?" which you are directing? What is it about?
"Inner U Destroyed?"will be a documentary feature film. The documentary will investigate claims from women on social media that the side effects from their IUDs went unrecognized.

Why is it investigating on women's claims on social media?
We are investigating whether there is a reason that the medical community is unaware of these side effects or are denying that the side effects could be connected to the IUD. There are also many side effects that women claim they are having that are not on any side effect list.

What kind of side effects are being discussed?
 There are so many side effects discussed it is hard to list them all; the top ones are anxiety, blurred vision, memory loss, severe hair loss, dizziness, fatigue, depression, headaches, acne, palpitations, muscle spasms, coordination problems, breast pain, ovarian cysts and brain disorders.

How does meeting the aims and goals of this project helps?
In order to complete the project we have entered The Seed & Spark Project Greenlight Untold Story Rally, it is a crowdfunding campaign. One project finalist from The Untold Story crowdfunding rally will receive up to $20,000 and distribution to over 100 million homes. That would really help us to spread awareness! To qualify we need 500 followers and at $10,000 in funds contributed.

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