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Interview with Deepika Janiyani

Deepika Janiyani lives in Nagpur, India. She is a Software Engineer by profession, writing is her hobby. She writes in English and Hindi both. We have conducted an interview with her.

What made you write?
When I was a kid, I initially started with writing some small poems and quotes, but that time I didn’t had knowledge on what to write and what not, so I used to write anything. When my family got to know about this, they scolded me, and then I stopped writing.

I have a habit, to greet everyone in my life, with daily quotes. I used to do the same during my college days also. It was that time my professor Mr. Vijay Masarkar realized that I had writing potential, and he motivated me to write. Till today, he keeps motivating & guiding me.

I am really thankful to God for blessing me with great teachers throughout my life, that’s why they say, “Teachers are God’s Angel”. I am also thankful to God for my parents, without my mother's efforts I would not have been able to achieve anything.

Could you tell us a little about your writing and your blog?
I write anything that comes to my mind. I also write on some topics which my friends ask me to write, and that’s why I named my blog as “मेरी जुबानी, शब्दों की उड़ान” which means “Let your Feelings fly via my Words”. On my blog, you will find poems / articles on almost all topics family, love, pain, competition, life etc.

Some of my Hindi poems were also published in a local newspaper of Ajmer, India.

I started my blog after I started my career as Developer. It was that time that I came to know about Wordpress blogs. I initially started with blog and after two years I moved it to a self-hosted blog. My development career is a plus point for my blog, else I would not have been able to manage it so well.

What are the different sections and why did you have them?
There are different sections like English, Hindi, Love, Women, and Social etc. I divided the sections at a broader level so that whenever someone visits my blog, they can easily find the indented topic they like.

Besides this there a section for Quotes, these Quotes are mostly written in Hindi and are inspirational. This section is not exclusively written by me, and gets updated every day, hence I get it populated from my Facebook page. It also has Quotes on different Festivals / Observations held throughout the world. There is also a Guestbook section, which is a collection of reviews left by my readers.

In which languages do you write?
English, Hindi topped with Urdu.

Whenever I write a social article, I write in English. Whenever I write poetry, I mostly write it in Hindi and try to enhance the poetry with Urdu words since Urdu words adds a special charm to the poetry.

Which is the most important topic you write on?
I mostly like to write about Love and Women. Both these topics are very close to my heart.
Women are the backbone of the society. From a place where I started my life’s journey, I never saw she was given that respect / value she deserves, and hence I try to share that pain with the society and also show the society how strong she is.

Without Love, Life means nothing, so this is the second most important thing I like to write about. I write on all forms of love - love of family / friends / partner. I am so crazy about Love that my blog has a special post where you can get to read how we can say “I Love you” in 281 ways, and I wish I find more 84 so I can complete 365 ways for 365 days.

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