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Interview with James Stordy

James Stordy is an award winning songwriter/composer. He writes instrumental music primarily. Some of which has been used for t.v and radio. He has recently began writing songs. One of which was nominated for an HMMA award and another won at the global music awards. We have conducted an interview with him.

What kind of music do you write?
I primarily write instrumental music. which ranges from flamenco, rock and classical from solo pieces to multi instrument pieces. I write songs also which are primarily in the pop/rock and pop genres.

How long have you been a songwriter/composer?
I have been composing music for around 8 years, I have been writing songs for around 2 years.

Which are your recent awards and nomination?
I was nominated for a Hollywood music in media award 2015 in the adult contemporary category for a song I co-wrote called 'Unafraid' and more recently I received the bronze award at the Global Music Awards for a song called 'Yesterdays' in the rock category.

How challenging is writing songs vs instrumental?
I generally find writing instrumentals easier as I have been working longer at it, but sometimes I write with the intention of an instrumental piece and it ends up being a song and vice versa.

Which instruments do you play?
My two main instruments are Guitar and piano, but I also play some banjo, violin and bass guitar.

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