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Interview with Peter Eugén Nilsson

Peter Eugén lives and work in Stockholm, Sweden. He is an interesting, talented and coming star in the contemporary art scene , partly because he combines two completely different art forms but also because he has mastered to portray both as credible as possible. Watercolor Landscape & Popart. We have conducted an interview with him.

What is it like to be a young artist?
It is always difficult to be a young artist. Especially if you work for yourself, without an agent. Then, it takes much energy to find exhibitions, contacts with galleries and art fairs. It is difficult to be credible as an artist, the younger you are. It helps you alot if you have an agent or manager to help you with it.

How did you create an edge for yourself in the contemporary art scene?
I have always loved nature, and at a young age, I could see myself having a photographic memory, so it was natural that I painted scenery and figurative subjects. Then was the modern art one-way ticket to my creation, I knew early which way I wanted to go with my creation.

Which are the difficulties in finding art galleries and art agents abroad?
The difficulty of finding galleries abroad is of course your name. you need a name to reach out.

Is Watercolor Landscape when combined with Popart something very unique? What was the most challenging aspect to master this form of art?
Yes, I think it's very unique to combine these two art forms. Especially at shows when you get an insight into how an artist can change their style so sharply with emotive images of rock stars and just next to hang a nature painting in watercolor. I love to shock and surprise of this experiment, but it is also very beneficial when I reach a very wide audience. there's something for everyone.

What other kinds of interesting art work do you create in Stockholm?
In Stockholm there is a big hype on Watercolors right now. Big sizes. That iam doing.

Peter Eugen's Instagram gallery is available at:

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