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Interview with Ria Brown

Ria Brown is an Award winning singer, actress, model, dancer, TV personality and writer. She has ambitions to be successful in her career, not withstanding the challenges; she succeeds. Her inspirations come from Africa, Europe, America and the Caribbean. Culture is a major thing to her as she believe her culture has developed her into a hard working, loyal, and motivated person. We have conducted an interview with her.

Ria Brown

What is the name of your new TV drama series? What is it about?
Reality show: The series mainly focuses on Ria Brown. It additionally features their parents Vivica and Guy (previously known as Ria's father and Vivica previously also known as Ria's foster Mother), their half-sisters and brothers who hasn't seen for many years.

Drama Tv Intoxique: I'm also very much content with our new tv drama series called " INTOXIQUE" which we are waiting for the premier to launch this month. INTOXIQUE is a drama that reveals the consequences of drug addiction in the lives of youths of today and women most especially minority groups.

How important do you think culture plays in your life and career?
Culture is a major thing to me as I believe my culture has developed me into a hard working, loyal, and motivated person. I continue to grow and diversify as I thrives on meeting new people to project her toward her career aspirations.

What kind of content do you write about?
I normally write scripts, poems, and articles. But I thought of changing from writing articles to writing a book that I want publish. The book is called " INSIDE A MAN'S MIND".

How long have you been a TV personality and in the entertainment industry as a singer/actress?
Being a singer and actress was never considered as a hobby to me. I had a vision from a young age of who I wanted to be when I grew up. It has only been about a year since I've been properly involved into the entertainment industry.

For your new TV reality show, could you give us a 'sneak peek'?
I currently don't have any sneak peek of my reality show because it's still on a working process.

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